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16.01.2017, 23:35

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Hello FourG,

thank you for your application!
We are sorry, but vination has quited the professional gaming szene.
We won't pay anymore for teams or players.

Good luck with the further search.


16.01.2017, 23:17

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My name is John and I'm here today to do an application for my team in Crossfire because atm we are looking for organization to play under it and support us.

Info about us :

We are 5 guys and all are from Greece.

Our names are:


Our ages are : 17,21,20,19,18

Our achievements & more stuff about us.

WCA: finished 4-8 place and won 750euros.

Here you can see our names is "Majestic" and in this website is "mJ" https://www.wca-europe...-open-qualifier-crossfire

Last year in CFS Qualifiers in for the big lan event in China we were in playoffs but we lost and we done in 8th place. (Dont have a link now cuz it was in the old esl website and we cant use it anymore)

GO4: https://play.eslgaming...ossfire/cup-143/rankings/
Finished 2nd place and won 100euros. team name atm is : Transact eSports and we dont have this team anymore.

We played this year aswell like a couple months ago and finished once again 8th place.


The team name is : RedWolves e-Sports

Atm we are playing the all the cups at ESL and more in another leagues such like CFCL which this tournament have money over 1.000 dollars. We finished couple of times like 2nd place 4th,5th place etc etc. In february (we dont know exactly day right now) We will be playing at Pro League CFCL, I will upload a screenshot in the down bellow so you can see the money prizes.

We are practising almost everyday.

We are in TOP 8 teams in Europe ATM.

If u wanna know more about the CFS etc etc read this : http://play.eslgaming....ssfire/europe/news/266692

Initially, the most important thing for the team in our point of view, is try to get some financial help that could give us that. All we need for now is 50 euros per month for the team (10 euros for each player) so we can buy the Bullet Proof and play in the best condictions representing your name.

I'll be waiting for an answer!
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